In our small, cohesive team, each member is crucial. Winemaking is both an art and a science, and requires a blend of instinct, experience and skill. Great craftsmanship demands finesse, but also a few skinned knuckles and sunburnt noses. Our people are experts, both in honest hard work and the subtleties of the season. We each bring our individual strengths to crafting wines we can be proud of. Every team member, both past and present, is part of the life and the taste of Greenhough.

Cameron Trott - Winemaking

Cameron Trott – Winemaking

Cam is a family man who works hard but definitely plays even harder, at least where his surfing and other outdoor activities are concerned. He’s an action man and who contributes to anything and everything in the most positive way. In a previous life he was a chef but re-trained as a winemaker, gaining qualification through NMIT. Cam joined us in 2014 after completing a number of previous vintages and now takes care of the production wine making at Greenhough. His contribution in the vineyard is also massive.  He has a genuine interest and belief in the value of the organic code, as a means to a quality-focused end and as an environment in which to work.


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