Our Place

The cool maritime climate of the Nelson / Tasman region is ideally suited to viticulture.

Nelson’s coastal coolness and trademark sunshine are made for viticulture, slowly bringing our fruit to full ripeness. Our place is protected from the harshest elements by mountain ranges to the south, east and west. From the north, Tasman Bay’s mild sea breeze mellows frosts through spring and autumn, and eases the heat in summer. Surrounded by natural defences, our little piece of Hope quietly shelters growing things. http://www.nzwine.com/assets/sm/upload/jx/o3/c4/dl/Nelson.mov

Clear, cool nights preserve flavour and varietal character as fruit acids reduce gradually over settled autumn months. A mineral, fruit-based acidity underpins all varieties providing delineation, structure and elegance.

Hope – Waimea East

The Waimea Plains are a canvas of broad flood plains and fans shaped over centuries by the movements of water. The Maori called this area ‘river garden’, for its verdant growth and steady currents. The Greenhough Hope Vineyard is tucked into an elevated inland corner where these plains meet the foothills of the Barnicoat and Richmond ranges.

Our roots are firmly in the ground. This landscape defines our flavours and frames our memories.

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